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The Creative Hub at JT Makeup

I am now 6 months into the new space at the JT Makeup Studio, the building is incredible even though it was bit tired and worn when I started in January; things are gradually coming together.

All building work is now completed bar some decorative features to be added in the toilets and its as if fresh air has come into this Victorian building. The downstairs of Millside House has been adapted into conference and office facilities and this will be used for larger events to be held later on in the year.

Courses Update

I have now planned a series of courses to be delivered from now until the end of 2020. It was busy in the studio until May but recently due to some filming schedules and a series of 1-1 classes, plus final building work I have moved a couple of the sessions I was planning to run this month. I was approached to give some 1-1 training to small groups and this has given me the time to define the courses I am offering.

I am in a unique position with my background in makeup and living in London which has enabled me to gain numerous experts to call upon. It made sense to me to plan three industry days each year, this way I can organise a days schedule with 4 key artists demonstrating their skills and discussing their careers.

The first Industry Day is on Saturday 21st September from 9am - 6pm with demos & talks with Tina Earnshaw, Maria Malone Guerbaa, Mona Turnbull & myself. This day will focus on Tina's work on Shakespeare in Love & working as an International Makeup Designer, Maria will be recreating her skull design, Mona will be presenting one of her creative body paint designs and I am talking about preparing for presentations and branding. A buffet lunch is provided with refreshments on this day as it will be action packed. The second Industry Day will be on Saturday 11th January 2020 focusing on the prosthetics side of industry & Theatre work. The event in January will have a pop up event with The Makeup Armoury, this event will be announced mid July with more details of the key artists involved but its an exciting event. The third Industry day will be held in June each year for Creative Hub members only.

Something New

Trainee Bootcamps

I am introducing two Trainee Bootcamps each year aimed at new entrants coming into the makeup industry. The aim of the weeks course is to work on test work and speeds covering key tasks each day. There is a short demo each morning for hair and makeup, simulating a crowd room demo and then the team work on set ideas from mood boards and other inspirations to set times. A business session is built into this course and the final day is a photographic shoot day. This bootcamp is designed to help new entrants find their direction for their careers.

JT Makeup Creative Hub Membership

From July there will be a Creative Hub membership offering support and guidance through the foundations of a makeup community which will be mainly online with a range of tools for self employment, building clients, establishing yourself and maintaining a career. There are discounts available on JT Makeup Courses and a special Industry Day free for members which offers portfolio reviews and masterclasses. The membership is only open for a limited time but will reopen at different stages. It is a membership which gives good value and a sense of a makeup community.

My website is currently being updated with the new course information, it should be completed within the next two weeks, if anyone needs anymore information please email

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